Friday, December 4, 2009

The World Cup Draw Has Been Announced

The USer side is in Group C, with England, Slovenia, and Algeria. Slovenia eliminated a very strong Russian team, and the Algerians eliminated Egypt. England sides are legendary, and got in by defeating a really good Portugal side, which also advanced.

Here are all the Group draws:
Group A -- South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France

Group B -- Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, Greece

Group C -- England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia

Group D -- Germany, Australia, Ghana, Serbia

Group E -- Holland, Japan, Cameroon, Denmark

Group F -- Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia

Group G -- Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal

Group H -- Spain, Honduras, Chile, Switzerland
It's a pretty formidable array of talented sides, and great traditions. History and tradition suggest Argentina, England, Germany, Holland, Italy, Brazil and Spain are pretty much locks for the next round. The other 9 spots should be hotly contested. Of all the traditional "powers," France, who played poorly throughout the qualifiers, and only won their spot by a cheat, seem the most vulnerable, even in a relatively weak group. Ghana is the strongest African side, and could advance, too. I doubt the home-side (South Africa) can get past the Group stages.

For the benefit of Ser followers, here's the Group C schedule:

Match 5, June 12 1930: England v USA (Rustenburg)

Match 6, June 13 1230: Algeria v Slovenia (Polokwane)

Match 22, June 18 1500: Slovenia v USA (Ellis Park, Johannesburg)

Match 23, June 18 1930: England v Algeria (Cape Town)

Match 37, June 23 1500: Slovenia v England (Port Elizabeth)

Match 38, June 23 1500: USA v Algeria (Pretoria)
The US have a good chance to advance, since two sides from each group go on to the round of 16. Those matches begin June 26:

Match 49, June 26 1500: Winner Group A v Runner-up Group B (Port Elizabeth)

Match 50, June 26 1930: Winner Group C v Runner-up Group D (Rustenburg)

Match 51, June 27 1500: Winner Group D v Runner-up Group C (Bloemfontein)

Match 52, June 27 1930: Winner Group B v Runner-up Group A (Soccer City, Johannesburg)

Match 53, June 28 1500: Winner Group E v Runner-up Group F (Durban)

Match 54, June 28 1930: Winner Group G v Runner-up Group H (Ellis Park, Johannesburg)

Match 55, June 29 1500: Winner Group F v Runner-up Group E (Pretoria)

Match 56, June 29 1930: Winner Group H v Runner-up Group G (Cape Town)
t is difficult to foresee the USer side beating England to win Group C, but they could be runner up. The USer team is ranked 14 in the world, and COULD advance to the Quarters, but it will take luck, skill, and more luck...

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