Sunday, January 2, 2011

"If Baudrillard Could See Us Now!"

Performed--a bit inartfully--by a bunch of Canadian grad students.

I am sympathetic, because their efforts mirror my own at trying to master the rhetoric and vocabulary of statistics, which I only achieved by writing doggerel.
How 'bout them number-summers, ain't they hams,
Plottin' they freq'ncies on they histograms?
Them n-countin' number-summers got they preculiar pleasures,
Wi' they aspects o' dispersion, an' they deviatin' measures.
Them nomologic number-summers, ain't they hot,
Gettin' all they data in a box-'n'-whisker plot?

How 'bout them number-summers, ain't they strange?
Put they mode, mean an' median in they inter-quart'le range.
They got measures o' dispersion, an' deviation measures,
Deviatin' standards an' other kinds o' treasures.
Them parametric number-summers, ain't they enigmas?
Puttin' they parentheses all around they sigmas.

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