Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Gourmand's Companion

This is an incomplete project which always comes to mind when someone remarks, as if to scorn the quotidian, that they are going to have "BREAKFAST" for dinner. There is NEVER a bad time to have breakfast! And nothing is forbidden for consumption at breakfast, either.
The Gourmand's companion:
1) It is NEVER too late, or too early, to have breakfast.
1a) You may have anything for breakfast your heart desires.
2) You can NEVER have too much for brunch, cuz it's the only meal of the day.
3) Have dessert first: You NEVER know.
4) Chocolate --especially dark-- goes with EVERYTHING.
5) When in doubt, use the second-largest utensil in any set at table.
6) If you start on wine, and want something stronger, later, go with brandy (You'll thank me in the morning.)
7) There is no "bad" way to prepare potatoes.
8) If you MUST choose, buy GOOD beer and cheap whiskey.
9) There is NO "wrong time" to get high.
Feel free to add more as you can think of 'em...

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