Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obscenity of a "Different" Kind

At Sadly, No!, this was flagged "The greatest video I’ve ever seen", so beware..

Awesome, the concentration of pure, sheer, unadulterated STOOPIT!

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Seeing Eye Chick said...

Wow, Its like the Birthers are making Barack Obama sound like Roswell.

"There are no records of his being a senator in Illinois."

Gasp--Sputter. I think its pretty clear at this point that these wingnuts can't see these documents not because they haven't been provided, but simply because the rice crispy voices in their head they call god, told them not to see it.

Next Week:
Grand Juries Convened to indict Obama because he stole Sarah Palin's penis.

"He just looked at me and it was gone, I looked everywhere for it, but all I felt was a breeze. Obama is a Witch, and we should burn him. What does he need a second penis for anyhow? Everyone knows I stole it fair and square from Bill O'Reilly"
Sarah Palin.