Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bill Maher -- Often A Dick -- Is Better Tonight

I mean, he used to schtupp mAnn Coulter. C'mon. Some folks find him amusing. Not, on average, me, but whatever...

DOTOF™: Susie/Suburban Guerilla. He does bring the lumber here. There ARE way more than enough "liberals" in this country to have our own party.

Which is likely why we'll never have one...

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Seeing Eye Chick said...

Okay Great video and I am totally going to put it at my blog with a nod and a wink to this site--because I saw it here first.

1. Takeover--Healthcare was taken over by the moneychangers a long time ago

2. Most Americans already RATION their health care. Its well known that people cannot afford their perscriptions ration the pills, and that many of us skip doctors visits when problems are small, because we cannot afford those visits even with insurance. Over 60 percent of Banruptcies last year had a health care component, meaning a bill of 5000 $ or more than played into the decision for these private residence to declare bankruptcy.
3. Bureaucrats. My latest blog entries discuss the fact that many people have their coverage ended by anonymous bureaucrats when terminal or catastrophic illness strikes. Sometimes rescinding coverage completely when people suffer diseases like Cancer.

So REPUBLICONS--You FUCTARDS. We are already there. You are trying to scare us about Healthcare HELL and I am saying, We are already there. But then High Ranking Federal Employees like our elected public servants have their health coverage through the government already. They don't want to share the good deal. It would be expensive. [FOR THEM]