Sunday, December 12, 2010

"25 Ways To Quit Smoking"

And I tried them ALL! Over and over...

Success finally came when the LAST Mrs./Dr./Prof. Woody declared one evening in January, 1994, that she had by then endured close to 15 years of my filthy habit and that, unless I wanted to move into a cave, she was gonna insist--for her OWN sake--that I stop. There not having been at the time very many, desirable--and, crucially, UN-occupied--caves in the Baton Rouge area, I acceded to her request and submitted to hypnosis.

At the time, I had been a "pack-a-day" (at LEAST) smoker for close to 35 years. My parents were BOTH tobacco users (and it eventually killed 'em both, though after the events related here), I had tried all manner of expedients to stop, on too many occasions to recount. I knew it was NECESSARY for me to stop, not only for the sake of L M/D/P W, but for my own. My office at the time was on the third-floor of the College building, and I couldn't by then climb all FOUR flights of stairs without stopping for breath. I was 46. Not good.

I had my first session on or about January 24, 1994, and my last session--and my LAST tobacco product--Jan. 31 that same year. It'll be 17 years next month (though, sadly, the L-M/D/P-W and I split up a few years later, I am still tobacco-free--thanks, Sweetie!~).