Sunday, January 10, 2010

"The Biggest Dick In The World" Is Unemployed...

No, really:

At first glance, Jonah Falcon is just another statistic.

Unemployed and living with his mother, Falcon is but one of the 20% of working-age American men without a job. Yet Falcon has something no other man has: the record for the world's largest penis.

Yes, that's a fact.

Since being profiled in Rolling Stone and appearing in an HBO documentary about his 13.5 inch penis, the 39-year-old Brooklyn native has struggled to find a steady job and is now living at home with his mother.

Falcon had been working as a video game reviewer for a website as well as a small-time actor. But in a recent interview with Sphere, Falcon talks about how he his now "between jobs" due to the "rough economy."

And despite seemingly being tailor-made for the adult industry, Falcon says that he doesn't do porn because if he did, "Nobody would take me seriously. Nobody."


It seems that nobody is taking the world's biggest penis seriously, anyway, doesn't it. The guy's chubby and outta-shape, but when that bad-boy gets an interest, I reckon he could get paid for the show...

I have always wondered what guys with that sort of huge package do with it when they're not screwing. Now we know...

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