Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barney Frank "Pwns" A Dining-room Table

Via TBogg (who credits Wonkette):

A Tribute to the First Amendment, indeed.

His contempt for this odious bint was/is palpable...and well-deserved!

(Larry King's having trouble with his upper plate, seemingly. When will he finally retire?)

The excerpt is tasty. Here's a longer clip:

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Seeing Eye Chick said...

Here is a fucking clue for that idiot:

Dont Apply for the Program!

Gosh its so easy! If you do not want your neighbors and community helping you in your time of need, then simply DO NOT APPLY FOR THE PROGRAM.

Then you can feel Smug eating your catfood under a paint drop sheet in an alley, while other people with children, and some common sense can qualify for assistance, and dig themselves out of a financial pickle. Barney Frank is offering something vaguely like FEMA loans for survivors of Natural Disasters.

And that dipshit is right, the Govt is not the Church--And thank all the gods for that. I wouldnt want to be indebted to one of these cultic groups trying to be the government. I dont want some idiot thinking I have to convert, that I am now obligated because they fed my kids or gave us shoes.

That is charity with too many strings. "Sell your soul for a doughnut" type theology I can live without.